The Program

Not a Fad Diet

WARNING: This is not a "fad diet",  we've all had our share of those.

I counted and there are more than 104 diets out there and that doesn't even include some that I've done!  


Contact me today to schedule a free consultation and learn how this unique program can help you be the best YOU!

The ONWARD program includes individualized and group coaching.

Coaching guides you in your wellness goals using thought-work and accountability.

The program design meets you "where you are at" to ensure you set yourself up for success!

This program may well be unlike any you have used before!

The Process


Behavior Change starts with what we think. What we think determines our results. Let's work together on learning to guide your thoughts to achieve the results that you want.


Most of us know what to eat to lose and maintain weight. We don't need "another diet". We need a plan that we can feel good about; satisfied and doable. Let's work together on creatin​g this plan that will easily become a lifestyle.


Movement is exercise. Let's work together to find what you can commit to and get started. I will help you design your plan; a plan that you will want to stick to.


Weekly One-on-One Coaching

Coaching in person and/or remote sessions

$150 per month

Weekly One-on-One Coaching Bulk Special

Coaching in person and/or remote sessions

$400 when purchased in 3 month increments

Individual Session

Coaching in person and/or remote sessions


Partner Coaching

Do you love having a partner?

This is an amazing opportunity to be coached along side a friend, spouse, or sibling. If you are ready (really ready) to make the change, I am here to guide both of you to your success.


One Month

Weekly coaching sessions for 2


($100 each monthly)

Three Months

Weekly coaching sessions for 2


($275 each/one time payment)