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Personalized Prep Class!

Make it your Own!

I will design and facilitate  a prep class, with your suggestions for up to 10 people (minimum 6)

Give me a call to [email protected] 563.241.2086

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Onward Wellness Summertime Walking Club!


Saturday Mornings 8:00 a.m.

We will meet @ Onward for a quick wellness topic briefing

then head out to the dike (Main Ave) for a walk and discussion of the topic.

There will be options to walk 1 mile, 2 miles, or 3 miles

(not including short walk to the dike)

Start where you are at today and build to where you want to be!

Small Wins = Big Success.

See you then for healthy exercise and healthy conversation.

Inclement weather: we will stay inside and have an

easy-stretching/strength-training class.


Bring a friend!

Past Classes: 

  • Stop. Yourself. from. Stopping. Yourself.
  •  Bucket O' Hacks! (workshop)
  • Meal Prep Make & Take: Power Salad
  • Meal Prep Make & Take: Sunday Gravy (Pastas and sauce)
  • Make & Take: "Everything Oatmeal"
  • Stumped on Meal Prep? Sheet Pan Meal
  • Soups! Everything but the kitchen sink!
  • Sum-sum-summertime Walking Club (Saturday mornings-June thru August)