Don't Look Back; You're Not Going That Way!

The mission of ONWARD Wellness is to provide you with health and life coaching that will guide you in achieving your wellness goals. The coaching structure aligns the following three elements related to wellness: thought work, food, and physical movement. ONWARD Wellness is unique in comparison to other wellness programs as it utilizes a personalized approach that is focused on developing a program that works best for YOU.


"You are such an inspiration, Kathy. I am so confident that I am going to reach my goal!!!"


"I have had my ups and downs, but Kathy has helped me let go of some old baggage and push through the bumps. She’s coached me through what it means to show up for myself and been there to provide support and accountability which has positively impacted my physical and mental health. I passionately believe everyone needs a coach and Kathy has been my inspiration to take the leap and get certified. Now I am on my way towards living my purpose which is to help others shift from diet culture and adopt healthy habits that will effortlessly fit into their daily lifestyle."

-Missy (certified health coach)

"I am completely confident that this will be the last time I will have to lose weight. I am excited about the journey we are on."


"You certainly are an inspiration Kathy! I am so glad we are making progress one step at a time. Your support, Kathy, is empowering."